Top 10 mobile game is unknown or until Trial (Part 2)


Together we look over the top but the mobile game or do not really popular when launched.

MinuteQuest the mobile game built with retro graphics, if compared with the current product, the graphics are relatively bad. However, viewed from another aspect, the game took me back to childhood, a bit reminiscent of the memories 4 button next to the machine. Game sound, too, is quite simple and does not leave much impression.
Top 10 mobile game is unknown or until Trial (Part 2)
Most impressive point in MinuteQuest came from play, at first I thought this was an endless running game, but more and more RPG elements are displayed clearly. When you start playing, you have only a small sword in hand and destroy the monsters on the outside of the castle to increase the combat experience and earn bonus amount. Basically, gamers simply touch the screen on 2 sides to choose the direction of movement, met the enemy, the characters will automatically attack until they are destroyed. Sometimes luck, you will catch the monster that killed her and who tamed them as follow.
Top 10 mobile game is unknown or until Trial (Part 2)
With each level, your knight will have the attributes point increase quite necessary. You can choose between strength, agility, blood, magic or luck. Each property will have an increased ability to fight for the character and a sincere advice is that you should focus on strength, agility and blood, increasing the remaining two properties called for can but really we do not play raising more.

Ninja Fishing
Unlike other ninja training school, in Ninja Fishing you will have to undergo a training course very special and interesting in the village has ever produced so many super ninja fish guillotine. Seemed the only fishing for recreation in this game is to practice it for us the ability to recognize good, fast reflexes and use your hands correctly.
Although only built on the familiar 2D graphics but Ninja Fishing brings about the extremely sharp images. The interface of the game is optimized for a screen play and everything will be sorted very smart without obscuring the vision of the players. In addition, the system must include fish extremely diverse and creative make players curious and they want collected.
Regarding the gameplay, this is Footbinding attractions I’ve played in a long time. We can say, Ninja Fishing is a unique combination between immersive gameplay, cutting style fishing with the legendary fruits Fruit Ninja. More specifically, instead of cutting the different fruits and vegetables, you will use your sword slashing the fish they had caught.

Jam City Basketball
Maybe you will not like Jam City Basketball as graphics in the game are relatively worse, although building a character with real 3D images but also quite hard every move. Besides, did not throw the ball posture is very much beautiful. Sounds a little better your game when the smallest details are added as known shoes, balls beating sound so real.
Do not “look that capture the dong,” or that the Jam City Basketball gives back to the fun and exciting gameplay. Unlike ordinary forms of competition of international stature, Jam City Basketball takes players to the game brought the appearance of small and street basketball modalities. Accordingly, each team member only 2 goals in the match but still nothing changes, which side will score more points to win. In particular, today’s match tempo and gamers can enjoy “unsporting” competition, a separate point of street basketball.
Control mechanisms in Jam City Basketball is built right on the screen with the navigation keys and 2 keys are constantly changing depending on when players attack or defend. Since only two players so you do not need to look too much. Also throws away, on the road full of suspense balloons I always put my players in the area under the basket and making those spectacular dunk. Slightly “fictitious” Your player can jump higher than the range basket.

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering
Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering bring players to an ultra-realistic 3D world, every detail in the game are a little hard meticulously. Game makes them somewhat reminiscent of the Middle Ages when the warriors were their ownership of weapons, armor is quite bulky. Besides, the game system carries more than 100 different types of monsters. However, I do not like the developer to pick up as the main tone, everything in the game sometimes quite difficult to see. Although I can understand this to suit the context in which the game of choice.
Join the game, you will be choosing one of six militants including Hekate Scorpions, Ursula, Rogvor, Langerd, Torus and Kira. Each character represents a different natural forces, fighting style and individual weapons. My personal assessment, the warrior capable tanker are easy to play than ever and should be familiar with them in advance to get experience playing.
Basically, Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering focused mainly on the battle, killing monsters. Gameplay in the game is quite unique and I have never seen a game like word ever appeared. Is still turn-based combat forms but instead tap to select the battle mode, players need to swipe the screen with many shapes, different directions to character attacks launched.

Cartoon Wars
Can read the name, you also have somewhat predictable in Cartoon Wars graphics built cartoon style. The characters are drawn in a simple way, not too fussy but still bring us some extremely funny shape, unique and individual highlights. I find that rather strange effects, skills re meticulous care little, the characters better.
Cartoon Wars is a tactical mobile game high and allow you to build your army with ownership of natural resources in a reasonable manner. Basically, you will prepare yourself for the different types of soldier before entering battle. Over time, destroy the enemy, the system will gain mana, and you need to use this number to call the various characters appear. Understand na, this is a monetary unit in battle and you should use it to hire characters. In addition, the player’s main works also have defensive weapons be retrofitted into and you can also upgrade them with the money after winning prize.
With higher levels, players will have access to these weapons and more bizarre warriors. Initially only the road soldiers, magicians and after are legion, the monster was tamed. Your health is synonymous with powerful enemies also follow, therefore the system the enemy character equally as diverse.

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