Top 20 mobile games on Android worth the most anticipated 2017 (end)


Here is the last part in the series top 20 mobile games on Android games gaming community is the most anticipated in 2017.

Submerged in her genre of adventure games, the main character in the story is that she Miku after escaping the hands of terrorists was the younger brother of his wounded boat floating on still drifting aimlessly everywhere . They went to a city where everywhere are submerged and apparently lifeless man.
In order to survive and heal innocent brother was dying every day in this harsh city, players will assume responsibility daily search of food and drinks. Accordingly, using the climbing mechanism and move quite similar to Tomb Raider or Assassin’s Creed, girl Miku constantly looking for opportunities for help assistance.
Is an adventure game wide open world, Submerged give players the right to move freely from place to place. This system moves effectively supporting the process of exploring the surrounding landscape and environment and give push players to the game exciting plot that brings.
Show only games released on the App Store, the Android version will launch later this year or early in 2017.
Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run takes its name, this is still a game platform that allows gamers to conquer the various screens. But with modern technology, gamers will be able to compare your skills with each other to see who can score as well as the end time fastest game screen. Estimated Run Super Mario game will not release exclusively on iOS but also on Android too.
At the present time, the Nintendo are constantly building images, broadcast, show the unique bonus games. And on Twitter, Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto – the father of Mario has posted a short clip of themselves as Super Mario Run experience. The important thing, he just playing games with one hand and his other hand to do the work in parallel as weight training, embarked others or even birds and eat burgers.
Immediately after the clip is posted, Shigeru Miyamoto seems to have really successful with this advertising campaign around. The vast majority of players are leaving positive comments about Super Mario Run and admiration before Nintendo’s how this works. It can be seen, though, is a giant in the game industry in the world but it was not too fancy in introducing his game.
Dofus Touch
Dofus, one of the MMORPG-old belongs to the “elders” in the village to hand the game recently mobile gaming community called Dofus Touch. Dofus Touch is designed for smooth playback and user-friendly interface on the device portable tablet. Besides, although the feeling obtained based on Dofus Dofus Touch Mobile but will be integrated more particularly special.
Dofus Touch development team said it took up to 10 months of pregnancy to bring “10 years of rich content integrated into Dofus Touch Tablet”. However, players will not be able to synchronize the version for tablets and won for Dofus Touch PC. Because the design of both synchronous 2 version is extremely difficult, especially when the PC version of the constantly updated “transfusion”.
Shadowgun Legends
Shadowgun Legends is a perspective first MMOFPS context awards have been set in a futuristic universe by Madfinger Games development. In Shadowgun Legends, players will be role-playing a bounty hunter and his desire to become increasingly popular with enormous fortune Shadowgun head of this new universe. However, for that to become a reality, you have to overcome a lot of other hostile forces.
Legends Shadowgun promises to bring great experience bold style blockbuster mobile platform Destiny up. And like seniors, Shadowgun Legends put gamers on the main task is to gather experience to level up, increasing SKIL, sale items, …
Not stopping there, Shadowgun Legends are very invested in bringing character customization systems, weapons and armor extremely intensive to unleash the player setup, according to their own creativity. In addition, the game also blend harmoniously with MMORPG elements classic FPS as the guild system, adventure dungeon, raid, .. etc ..
Featuring the most impressive first sight for Shadowgun Legends is located in texture. This will be the mobile game 3D graphics owns the most advanced available today. “The quality of play and stunning graphics in every detail” is the right rhetoric can say about this rookie.
It is expected that the game will launch on Android early 2017.
The project began to move Oceanhorn development from months to 2 years after 11/2011 but this new mobile game officially landed iOS platform. On first glance, we can see is a game Oceanhorn small but powerful impressed with the graphics, monsters and legendary style of play characterized the Legend of Zelda.
However, since the launch until now, had never once been Oceanhorn development team plans to invade the Android platform. This is indeed a significant disadvantage for those readers who use Android devices to experience the immersive Oceanhorn masterpieces that have never had the opportunity.
But now, the good news came when the company released FDG Entertainment has officially announced the Android version will launch shortly Oceanhorn in this 2016. And not only iOS and Android, Oceanhorn also be adapted and fever on both the PC last year. This showed strong appeals of the game is impressive to look like.

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