Top 5 platform games for Android in 2016


Since the first introduction, platform games are still among the most popular and fun games available today. Here are some top platform games for Android in 2016.

Top 5 platform games for Android in 2016: Cordy 2

With Cordy 2, a tradition 2D platform game, players can control a robot when you navigate levels, platforms, puzzles and obstacles. If you want to get more powers to help you along the way, you have to fight against bad guys and bosses. Cordy 2 has 53 levels and the first 6 levels are free for players to check if they like it. There are two other types of Cordy games including the first iteration and Cordy Sky.

Downlaod Cordy 2: Android

Top 5 platform games for Android in 2016: EDGE Extended

This game is another kind of platform game. In EDGE Extended, players don’t control a character or fight back the bad guys but players will be a block and do block things. Some may think that’s boring but in fact, it has more fun than it sounds. Players have to navigate obstacles and solve puzzles to get level up. With the difference from other platform games, EDGE Extended is such an amazing game!

Download EDGE Extended: Android

Top 5 platform games for Android in 2016: Megatroid

As a combination of Megaman and Metroid, Megatroid is such a pretty funny game. You will be a robot and your tasks are running, jumping over the wall and shooting bad guys. While playing, you can get all sorts of power and weapons or if you use in app currency, you can even buy some! For those who are big fan of Megaman and Metroid, Megatroid will be an ideal game and you will be addicted to it!

Download Megatroid: Android

Top 5 platform games for Android in 2016: Rayman

As the most popular title during the PlayStation days, now Rayman once again becomes a big hit on Android. With the classic 2D platform, players can jump around, kill bad guys, collect stuff and get level up. The higher level you get, the more difficult it is! Then, players will be kept busy for a while with tons of levels in this game. If you’re a big fan of the old Rayman, now the new Rayman on Android is certainly worth a try!

Download Rayman: Android

Top 5 platform games for Android in 2016: Wind-up Knight

As a high-end, action-packed and 3D side-scrolling adventure game, Wind-up Knight game is so wonderful that you should not miss out. Players will roleplay Wind-up Knight and perform the mission of getting through 50 levels to rescue the Princess from the evil Black Knight. All you need to do is running, jumping, rolling and slashing to achieve the victory! Give Wind-up Knight a try and you will see how incredible it is.

Download Wind-up Knight: Android

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