Top 6 mobile game of “Batman” Best


The same view about future mobile titles “Batman” the most wonderful time being, received countless praise and love from gamers.

Batman: Arkham Origins
Set in the period occurred years before the events of Arkham City 2 version and Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham Origins takes players time immersive Batman young and immature experience operating in the process of bias religion in the city of Gotham. Now our hero must confront super 8 name conspiracy crime was destroyed by “the dark knight”.
Here, quite similar to the mobile version of Batman Arkham City Lockdown before, players are not allowed to freely explore Gotham City. Instead, Gotham is divided into 4 main districts, which are gradually unlocked as players complete the tasks in the game.
As for the gameplay, if compared with the version on the PC or console game, Batman: Arkham Origins mobile platform has a significant difference.
Top 6 mobile game of “Batman” Best present time
Accordingly, instead of having to worry about the plot or the dialogue in the game, the focus of the gameplay revolves around the tasks and bloody fight scenes of Batman fire against criminals Gotham city stunned. In other words, Batman Arkham Origins quite similar to Infinity Blade, when players will fight 1vs1 with numerous enemies constantly appearing before the final boss encounter in each game screen.
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The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises took timeline 8 years after Batman defeat Joker dangerous name in “The Dark Knight”. Returning to Gotham City, Bruce Wayne Batman faces new challenges tougher. Made from the movie of the same name under the implementation of the company’s most popular mobile game world so the quality of Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises incontrovertible much.
When immersive “Batman”, your mission is to rescue Gotham City from criminals masked Bane. You will be aided by a variety of other characters in the film as Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman and Morgan Freeman Lucius Fox. All graphical effects in this game are considered monumental and optimize on each device. The gameplay of Dark Knight Rises is also extremely fascinated with the fighting screen, movie-driving.
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Batman: Arkham City Lockdown
Batman: Arkham City Lockdown is considered mobile game that many gamers will be ready to open their wallets to get their mobile devices. The regular game to the screen boss battles are shown as you’re playing ring true.
Slide your hand across the screen to perform combos, punches like heaven, or charge allelopathic shots but his opponent to control Batman. Infinity Blade Unlike rival that you need to defeat these monsters are very big, they can easily throw you into the air so dodge skill is something that you have to train very carefully.
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Batman: Arkham Underworld
Batman: Arkham Underworld have to play quite similar to Clash of Clans – an extremely popular game Supercell firm. The goal of the player is to become boss of the underworld city of Arkham, build bases and junior crime group to expand its territory.
Players will have the opportunity to own the first time the famous villain in the Batman world as Riddler, Killer Croc and Harley Quinn. Players can also take the octopus in order to manipulate the Gotham police station on the road to his crime. And the ultimate goal is to defeat none other superhero Batman.
Top 6 mobile game of “Batman” Best present time
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Injustice: Gods Among Us
If you are a fan of superhero comics perhaps you are no longer strangers to the likes of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – the representative for DC Comics a legendary empire. Now all that will revive images of injustice: Gods Among Us, fighting game developed by the well-known firm NetherRealm molded.
The game takes place in the world not far from DC Comics Superman fall into scams where the Joker, Lois Lane accidentally killed with her unborn child. Not only that, this hero also indirectly lead to the destruction of the city of Metropolis and millions of people.
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Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes
Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes will take a series of famous heroes from the DC Universe world to help Batman in one way or another. If you’ve played the Lego Harry Potter, everything will be easy to get acquainted. Manufacturers remain structured gameplay and graphics and almost unaltered in their series Lego series. However, what remains of 14 large screens and a bold plot movies.
Not only tentatively to his bold graphics layer assembly, the voices are done carefully and full of humor. If the game was made into a film, surely its revenue also no less competitive.
Almost the game screen in the game are designed with dozens linear objects around to smash and use. From the beginning, the name of the game was related to team-up mode, so it’s no wonder when you can switch from Batman to Robin. By skillfully applying specialized skills to escape from difficult situations and overcome the obstacle evidence.
The approach of the game is quite delicate, especially in terms of the puzzle. It is not simply just finished and forgotten, we also witness a bold storytelling hero through each knot.

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