Top mobile game worth playing for people like “fight” (P1)


Together we come up with attractive top mobile game themed “kicking” the most outstanding for iOS and Android devices today.

Punch Quest
Like its name, the protagonist of us will experience a journey to explore the spooky castle with the cave and fight the goblins, demons by “steel fist” of his. If you are a knowledgeable and has played a multitude of games can be found Punch Quest seems to be a combination of 2 different game Jetpack Joyride and it’s Castlevania.
Basically, the game Punch Quest is run automatically, and the player will have to make the character manipulation to overcome the challenges in the game screen that specifically here is to kill the sinister goblins. Surely you will be surprised with extraordinary ability “punch found dead always,” the main character.
NSX Madgarden Rocketcat and this time has created a very fun game and very attractive, this has put Punch Quest to become a new point of causing the attention compared to other games of endless-running series. The game’s graphical style of the game 16 bit, with the demons shaping the way very characteristic and in addition you have to choose the path that will lead you to unexpected challenges await at the end of the road.

EA Sports UFC fighting game is themed around mixed martial arts league Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world’s scale. EA released on mobile platforms by the end of the month after arriving 4/2015 PS4, Xbox One in mid 2014. EA Sports UFC takes players immersed in the tournament gathered many famous martial art Muay Thai, Karate , Judo.
In this mobile game, players will assume the role of a boxer names go for glory by using many different fighting techniques, defeating all opponents stood in the way. With easy to grasp gameplay, realistic graphics, EA Sports UFC is a quality fighting game, will make gamers “had eyes” with the special combat phase.

Real Boxing 2 ROCKY
Players will start with Real Boxing 2 ROCKY role of a boxer apprenticeship and training hard to conquer the great dream of the self. You will also be trained and trained by the legendary Rocky Balboa boxer.
Concurrent with the implementation of their tasks, players can unlock new challenges, which will then lead you to the last fight defeated Adonis Johnson. Real Boxing 2 ROCKY also gives players 2 Solo mode and Multiplayer experience to unleash explore.

Marvel Contest of Champions
In Marvel Contest of Champions, players have 2 options are single-player mode or battle mode many. This mode for players step into the role of the representative of the Earth “contest champion intergalactic” organized by The Collector. If players win, they will get “unlimited power”, but if they fail, they will forever be a part of the permanent collection of The Collector.
Basically, players will start with two superheroes, and can collect up to a total of 25 characters Another superhero in Marvel Contest of Champions. Style fighting game in the style of classic and quite similar to The King of Fighters. Characters in the game are selected and players will meet Captain America, Talisman, Darkstar, Captain Britain, Wolverine … are the famous superhero and the large fan base around the world. Everyone has the features, capabilities, and how to move differently.

The King of Fighters-A in 2012
The King of Fighters-A 2012 is a mobile game countervailing gameplay just like the legendary Rings of a famous beast. Since its launch, The King of Fighters-A 2012 with 3D technology, color images with new special moves system launched knocked off No. 1 line of tournament fighting game dominance for years beastly present.
With varied combat system and different character classes will make you immersed in the world of martial arts pinnacle of Japan. Unlike the role on the Beast as the beastly game tournament while in The King of Fighters-A in 2012 you are the incarnation in the latest generation of the character of Japan, including prominent figures Naruto or Super Kid is theft, …
Join the game, players will be immersed with 6 different game modes, each mode has a separate signature. Besides audio system with stereo sound makes the attack seem to be empowered extreme, appealing sound to help you enter into the game center to enjoy a thoroughly unique.

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