Top mobile game worth playing for people like “fight” (P2)


Together we came up with the top part 2 attractive mobile game themed “kicking” the most outstanding for iOS and Android devices today.

Tekken Card Tournament
Tekken Card Tournament is a fascinating product of Namco Bandai. And when it comes to Tekken, surely it is not too strange a name for specific players but in this game, NSX has brought a card battle game quite attractive platform combines both versions for iOS, Android and PC games of Tekken fame.
Of course, Tekken fighting in the prototype version is still the best, but this version of the card game is also quite attractive, and not inferior version of the prototype at all. In this game, players will be picked up the boxers that they want and then use the cards and increased power for their fighting skills. This is a turn-based fighting game and in each turn the player is to use one of 3 options to fight it is the Focus, Strike and Block. Depending on the choice of each person, characters execute their respective skills.
The battle is quite true because it is designed in 3D and this platform will certainly be impressive and attract the most players. In addition, it is also one of the few games that players really can own the cards and game play as a real post card collection. The cards that you own sex are scanned and added to your collection that you will use in the game.

Dan the Man
Dan the Man is an action role-playing game style retro promises to give players super fun adventure screen but also extremely dramatic.
Dan the Man is set in your village are the dark powers of devastation. At this moment, the player will incarnate the role of Dan – one young man with superhuman fighting abilities and your task is now trying to defend the village, tracing the trail of the other evil organizations to address rescue kidnapped girlfriend.
This is a platform game brings traditional style and if you’ve played the previous console will necessarily be familiar with the play of Dan the Man. However, players not only jump, and punch the bad guys with his bare hands, but with more weapons and items useful complementary pole again while fighting.

Taekwondo Game Global Tournament
Taekwondo Game Global Tournament is the first game in the traditional martial arts of Korea Taekwondo, which is provided for free on mobile devices running iOS and Android platforms.
Fans of traditional martial art Taekwondo has been experiencing strong performances phase and art right on your smartphone and your tablet. With the tournament mode, you can challenge your friends via WiFi network connection, or win in the competition to climb resistance class placement of global rankings.
With the realistic motion simulation from professional Taekwondo athletes, the game has successfully recreated the familiar pieces of Taekwondo martial tradition. Even the sound effects are recorded directly from the real Taekwondo dojo. Tournament mode in Taekwondo Game Global Tournament is set in beautiful environments 3: South Korea, Mexico and Iran, to follow the standard rules Oplympic.

Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile
Players will feel very familiar with the Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile from the user interface, presentation layout, the characters and the control system is almost intact. But what is the most anticipated Capcom has launched unique 3D interface and 2D spectacular than in previous console versions. But Capcom has not really had a version of Street Fighter with 3D interface that allows more flexible movement and realistic movement of the character (which the game antagonists should always have).
In this version, the number of characters is not sufficient as in the PC version, but you’ll still be seeing the familiar characters like Paul, Chun Li, King, Dhalsim, Hugo, Ryu and Nina … Almost all “unique” and the special abilities of the characters is also kept intact. So, with players still impressed by the fanciful Kung Fu phase or phase seemed special skills will have the opportunity to express once again right on your smartphone.

King of Fighters ’98
The King Of Fighters ’98 is a classic mobile game countervailing extremely hot in 1998 was adapted into the phone and tablet.
The King Of Fighters ’98 still owns a classic 2D graphics and familiar gameplay. Your task is to choose your favorite character, use the skills punching, kicking, kicking to defeat opponents in the match after 3 half

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