Top online game cards in the last months impressive 2016


Together we present the online game Extreme Point impressive style card during the final months of this 2016

According to the latest announcement, the online games anime cards extremely hot topic as Shadowverse will launch the English version through Steam platform within this month. This means gamers will be played on PC products, and can retain the post in the old account again, very convenient. Consult at: or homepage:
Top online game cards in the last months impressive 2016
Shadowverse not only in her solo gameplay similar to the famous elder game Hearthstone which also owns the cards have beautifully shaped characters, drawn in the style of Humanity ultra sexy for female characters.
Join the Shadowverse, players will use their cards with its own tactics and the main task is still offensive to the original point, the power of the enemy down to the lowest possible. Simple as that, but you also should not be ignored because it is also the duty of the opponents are conducted. Medium attack / defense sensibly is always a problem will cause us a headache.
Top online game cards in the last months impressive 2016
Cards in the game system will be the big plus with 400 different cards, you will have the opportunity to admire the characters are thoroughly invested in terms of pictures with cute anime style. On the other hand, gamers also have 7 choices for the main characters including Erika, Arisa, Luna, Rowen, Isabelle, Urias and Eris. Each character will also own their own fighting abilities. Moreover, an interesting evolutionary features appear in the game also allows you to upgrade your card right in the battle.
Tavern Game
Tavern Game is game where players will have to be flexible in the use of tokens interwoven with the luck factor from 2 dice was Super Alexander released on Google Play in the last 20/9.
The content of the Tavern Game storyline is somewhat similar to the previous game that the company had previously released as Dragon Flare. Unlike the players have to plunge into the life and death battle with the monster, the player will have to fight with each other by using the tool are two dice and tokens diverse species.
Top online game cards in the last months impressive 2016
Game play Tavern screen is designed vertically, these conversations will help players master the language to be able to grasp the plot somewhat related to each game screen as well as other basic features. Center interface is a golf tournament played square, where the Units are summoned from the cards will move in the total value of the two dice after sowing. Players will interact in the direction from left to right to move its troops. When moving his troops into enemy military cell with the language project then they will attack each other.
Hit turn-based gameplay makes the player to play Seahorse calculations, in which the distance between yourself and the enemy troops as many cells. The ” kicked ” enemy troops Seahorse quite similar to when the total score on the 2 sides of the dice will determine the scope of the military move the 2 sides.
Top online game cards in the last months impressive 2016
Unlike Seahorse game a bit when the ” kicked ” enemy troops not want that to be. This also depends on the force of the military offensive that has higher enemy troops or not. The Units are summoned from the attack point cards, as well as the rare blood shown on the stars on different cards.
Helix Horizon
Helix Horizon is a 2D mobile game genre token anime themed RPG was developed by the company and by longtu Game Kumora released. The game is based on the original copyrighted anime of the same name, ensure keeping intact the plot details and characters appeal system, and the system uses both music and voice dubbing of the Japanese seiyuu, help players get a great experience and the most familiar.
Top online game cards in the last months impressive 2016
Basically, the game uses the same gameplay mechanics as most RPG card game on the market. Systems or character cards will be divided into 5 main occupation classes include Warrior, Horseman, Radiation Prime, Master and Pastor, which corresponds to the vertical position in the front, middle and back of the squad screen horizontal image. Of course, the game has a system of extremely diverse characters and rich, everyone has the property index and individual combat skills, bring a wealth of choices and combinations for players throughout the process experience.
Top online game cards in the last months impressive 2016
During the fight, Helix Horizon lets players build a team with up to 4 characters to war, so we could not take advantage of all occupational fields by 5, which needs the appropriate changes according enemies or facing difficulties. The best way is to put out a team balanced enough role tank-healer-dps which is often seen in traditional RPG genre. Besides, the fighting experience of the game is also very fun, the characters’ movements are smoother design, combining beautiful skill effects, provides soothing and interesting.
Myth Hero Table
Myth Hero 3D mobile gaming table is a genre cards fanciful themed RPG released on many different ports in China. The game uses context-based United First IP famous story recounted draft United ticket office, Ky Dac destroy, expressed on the basis of modern 3D graphics, a 360-degree camera angle support promising improvement provides mechanisms to fight voyeuristic, extremely lively and modern.
Top online game cards in the last months impressive 2016
The game inherits the traditional gameplay mechanics of the RPG card products, such as turn-based combat mechanism, arranged characters, activate skills all while watching it when enough points. However, thanks to the quality of the new generation graphics that show how becoming sleek and attractive than those of the previous generation products. The game also does not apply styles cute visual design that goes towards realism, true nature ancient China.
Top online game cards in the last months impressive 2016
Overview graphic quality is an outstanding advantage in Table Hero Myth, showing the developer’s investment. In it, the character system with high-resolution detail, smooth motion, beautiful costumes and unique, the school system with the transformed landscape rich, in order to bring a sense of experience in the world great view. Besides, skill effects for each of the characters have to say is very impressive, with performances fancy moves, the camera automatically turn angle to it is easy to look at.

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