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The game does not force you to plow online climbing top picks, in return was a new play, easy pace and not in touch

Fractured Space
As we all know, new games in the blockbuster theme Fractured Space universe is open from the end of last September on Steam system and really made the world gamers as well as the experts have to marvel that ‘ long before there is a space game or so ‘. And indeed, this praise is not just down to merit, that the game has actually yielded significant successes, particularly after only one month now open it up to 1 million people have registered to play – huge numbers that many people desire.
Currently, Fractured Space is preparing for a new round of updates to celebrate Halloween, gamers can refer to at home: or steam page: http: // store.
Fractured Space is rated very high with beautiful graphics and impressive gameplay combat MOBA style, the game takes players on 5vs5 team based on existing maps. This map is also divided into three lanes, and the players participating in the game are almost similar strength from each other. In the game, the most important task of the player is defeated “Main building” of the rival faction to win the final.
Fractured Space graphics built quite beautiful and impressive. Picture of the game really clear giving players the feeling they are really so space travel. Not only that, the design of buildings, ships are true style, creating sympathetic to the player right from the log.
Mechanisms in Fractured Space fight goes towards shooter Tuesday. However, because the moving speed of the ship is relatively slow so the player will not be difficult to control, as well as being aimed at the opponent.
Tiger Cavalry Report
As we all know games online battlefield is extremely hot Cavalry Tiger Newspaper (English name is Tiger Knight: Empire Ware) has opened testing on the Steam system from yesterday 25/10 and now the players concerned the mind can easily participate after registering and downloaded at:
First joining the game, gamers will play as a stray and generals are to overcome a number of challenges to go with his army. This is also the owner and guide for players how to control as well as the first battle, the sword stabbing to use bows and arrows, spears, battle ground or on horseback …
Next you will learn how to hit the battlefield with the task need to know the enemy is defeated, captured flags in the main camp and kill commander. One of the interesting things is Tiger Newspaper Cavalry soldiers to follow the system, gamers can order them to follow you, attack base, defense … via the button. This is what makes the difference on the battlefield fighting alongside common screen.
After overcoming the initial tutorial, you will be picked initiated his own generals and then to the kingdom wants the capital, including three countries of China’s Three Kingdoms period Wei Shu Wu and the empire. .. Rome again. Then you need to buy the first category of troops along their belongings to support and participate in the battle.
Hide and shriek
Hide and shriek is a brand new online game from Funcom introduced to preparations for the upcoming Halloween. The game will allow you to confront 1 vs 1 online with friends or anyone, mainly for the guy … ghosts scare his girlfriend.
Basically, each round lasts 10 minutes, during this time period, the players need to show, set traps across an empty room to be able to scare opponents terrified. The idea is just as simple as that, but that is also efficient it must depend on the creativity of the player. It is not clear how he would threaten a girlfriend or vice versa … piss beam home sits so well.
In Hide and shriek, gamers will be offered both as magic traps series fun to tease opponents. Eg blinding opponents, blocking the door or call out a monster to scare a surprise … In order to achieve maximum efficiency, then you should try to tuck them in unexpected places as follows doors, in cupboards, or drop down to hang from the ceiling …
Top online games just for gamers strange poison just unwind when bored plow hoe
This game costs about 100 thousand and are widely sold on Steam with many languages, English of course, interested gamers can put the money to buy himself out with girlfriends at: http : //
Winning Putt
According to our information, online sports games is an impressive new opened Winning Putt for free on Steam distribution system. Currently Interested players can easily participate in free play nice products Namco Bandai production mode at the address:
Winning Putt very noticeable with stunning graphics platform built on the CryEngine, players will enjoy the game of golf competed in a virtual world in which ‘truth’ is no less in real life, from the characters to to view, using the sticks hit the ball into the hole. A word about how golf in this game is difficult because not only looks real picture is that even factors such as the wind blows, swing, putting the ball … are extremely good simulation. In addition to playing at night will be even more difficult.
To win the Winning Putt, gamers have a lot of hard training for the character skills, from how to hit, swing to adjust the rated power or style … All this will create own style for players in the virtual world. Join the Winning Putt, gamers will have to bear a lot of competition from the other players because you need to participate in the tournament to prove themselves. Once achieved, we would like to increase rank on the overall rankings.

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