Top puzzle game mobile but extremely old but still engage players

My Water

Here are the top puzzle game mobile old but still attracted the largest amount of participating players on Android.

Cut the Rope 2
Cut The Rope 2 still revolves around the story to help the main character, Om Nom his candy derive but in this section you will be acquainted with many new characters with colorful enough, we might call that is the Normies. This is the crucial character contributing to help you get the candy to Om Nom.
The addition of these titles can Normies into regarded as innovative step of ZeptoLab, help titles and now also inherently much more diverse. You can comb through one of Normies as Lick, Blue, Toss or Boo, …. Each character has its own capacity and 1 of you is how to use it most reasonable capacity to achieve Translate. For example, with the tongue Lick is the ability to create the path for the candy, the Blue is the ability to clone, … Surely you would think if you take the help of the Normies then everything will be much easier, but do not let fooled by the early levels, they can be very easy but later it tough again horrible.
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Bad Piggies
After the resounding success thanks to the series Angry Birds and Amazing Alex, Rovio Finnish game company has shown its ability to innovate with the puzzle game, very physical interaction and attractive novelty. And mobile games that we want to mention here is that Bad Piggies. The game revolves around the protagonist is the green pigs birds crazy enemies, but the gameplay was extremely innovative and novel.
In Bad Piggies, you will be spoiled with designing innovative machines for the green pigs. Your task is to get the pig on the destination and collect stars along the way by a homemade car. In each level, the game will offer items for you to design a car, such as frames, wheels, parts leverage or both propellers, balloons, springs to overcome obstacles vehicle animals, and many other parts.
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Where’s My Water? 2
In Where’s My Water? 2 new more challenging than the first version as players can rotate the screen backwards excavation started from the bottom up, to complete the task without having to duck collection. In addition, there are many species of ducks added in this release to help players unlock the following screen. Another important difference in the cell Where’s My Water? 2 that is playing on your energy.
After each level, players have to wait several minutes to be able to continue playing after the screen or perhaps with the help of friends through Facebook to be played always. Where’s My Water? 2 is designed with beautiful graphics with funny pictures, funny promises to give players the moment most comfortable relaxation.
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Jelly Blast
Jelly Blast is a match-3 games are very popular on Google Play, not less competitive compared to hem “elder” as Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Soda Saga or at all. Currently, Jelly Blast with 400 levels and more than 30 million downloads worldwide.
In this game, players will participate in the journey “sweet” with Lily, Mr. Hare and Mr. Rabbit to the Kingdom of Sweets sweet, explore the magical land, to visit the royal palace and become familiar with a lot of funny characters in the shapes of the lovely biscuits.
Once arrived in the Kingdom of Sweets sweet time exploring outside the castle, players also have to help the poor little girl Alicia curse of a wicked witch by connecting the candies of the same color, making them exploded to her terrified and left. Basically, the play of Jelly Blast similar games previously sweets connection, means you have to create a minimum of 3 strings of the same type and the same candy colors. The longer the chain, the higher the score and the chance to unlock more powerful supporting greater.
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Angry Birds Stella
Angry Birds Stella game of Angry Birds series “cult” by Rovio Entertainment. In this game, the context of the story has been changed quite a lot, mostly about her Stella pink bird with a new skill. Not only that, from the effect of the game have been changed to make a new style more suited to women.
Although the launch has been a long time, but recently this new product many gamers pay attention to, especially the girls looking for a light entertainment game and beautiful graphics. The gameplay has not changed much, simply pull the T-Birds on the slingshot and shoot, but how will the new skills and innovative, requiring more skilled players than the version before.

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