Top sports games android 2016


Now, sports fans not only watch sports but also can play games. Let’s find out the top sports games android 2016 in this following article.

For quite long time, there were no really perfect sports games on Android. Due to the better hardware, better graphics, interfaces, and some advances in touch screen controls, we are now experiencing some really good sports games released out which are actually worth playing. Following are the top sports games android 2016.

2014 Pro Baseball


9 Innings stands first on the list of the top sports games android 2016, is not so much a pure sports game because it is a card-based simulation games. You do play games and control characters, however, there is a lot more behind-the-scene stuff than there is actual baseball stuff. It is a great mixture of game play mechanics that keeps you interested before, during, and after games. There are also in-game missions to complete which will keep things exciting. It gets a quite decent 4.5 out of 5 rating in the Play Store and it is free to enjoy with in app purchases.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Ace Fishing: Wildest Catch features many locations all over the world, lots of different fish to catch, and the one-touch controls are just a piece of cake to learn and use. The graphics are rather decent and the developer is even working on online multiplayer mode. It is free to play so there is no harm in trying it out.

Big Win Hockey

Like 9 Innings above, Big Win Hockey is a card-based simulation game. You need to build your team, create players (which you can name after real ones if you wish), gain power ups, and after that sim against other teams. It is definitely more of a managerial role, however, for now this is about as good as hockey fans could get. The graphics are retro and games are played relatively fast which helps keep the speed up. If you try playing this game and love it, Hothead Games has Big Win variants for other sports, too.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (and FIFA 14)


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team actually allows you to play the sport of football which makes it the best choice for a pure sports game until now. It includes over 10,000 players from 500 licensed teams which you can use to establish your team and face other teams. There is also a quick sim mode if you need to use that. The graphics are top notch for a mobile sports title and the controls and mechanics exceed the average. There are some that prefer last year’s FIFA 14. Thankfully, they are both free so you can try them if you like.

Golf Star

Golf Star is among the best golf games of the top sports games android 2016 you can look for now. It features a sophisticated graphics engine to add realism, over average graphics, and it is also free to play. It features many nuances of real golfing like numerous shot types (fade shot, chip shot, etc) and has 3 different game modes for you to experience. The mechanics are simple to use once you are familiar with them and the game has gained high rating in the Google Play Store apps.

Madden NFL Mobile

A sports games list without a Madden title will be blasphemy so it is a good thing that there is one on Android. This game uses the card-based player system which many of these other titles use (due to their ability to drive in app purchases). You can play football and the mechanics and controls are about as easy as you can expect. The graphics are stunning. It is a free to play game so it will not cost you anything to try it out.

NBA 2K14


If you are looking to get your basketball fix, you will likely be keen on NBA 2K14. It is a 2K sports game and you might know them from their work on consoles. The graphics are perfect for a mobile game and the controls are rather simple to understand once you are familiar with them. It is $2.99 with in app purchases that may be an issue for some people, however, it is still one of the best basketball games on offer.


NBA Jam is a classic arcade game in which you play 2 versus 2 hoops with your favorite players. It plays fast and loose with the rules, has some fun in-game power ups (he is on fire!), and it is interesting to play. There are 4 game modes, unlockable player from the good old days, and you can even play online using Google Play Games apps. $4.99 may seem like it is steep for some but those who played the game in the 1990’s will not mind shelling out $5 for some old school basketball fun.

NFL Pro 2013

Yes, this one is a little bit obsolete, however, people still seem to love it. It includes the same features as the Madden game above, such as card-based player upgrade, simulation mode, and some things like that. You can actually play football in this game but it concentrates more on the peripheral parts of the game like upgrading your players and stadiums. It is free to play and when we recommend playing the newer Madden game, NFL Pro 2013 is not a bad second seed.

R.B.I. Baseball 14

R.B.I. Baseball is one of the best baseball games on offer. It has easy controls and perfect graphics. It is not console quality by any means but in comparison with most of the other baseball games on Android, it may as well be. It includes 30 teams and nearly 500 MLB players so you will be playing with the actual players. Many people have lamented that it is not as good as the initial but in general people appear to love the game. It’s $4.99 so be sure you try it out within the refund period in case you do not like it!

Real Boxing

Real Boxing is perhaps the best looking game on this list regarding to graphics. The game is playable on most Android devices but it is been specifically optimized for Tegra devices (e.g. NVIDIA Shield, NVIDIA Shield tablet). Therefore, if you get one of those, the graphics get even better. The game play and controls are easy, if a bit monotonous. You may have to deal with over 20 opponents, face opponents online, and win title belts. It is about as good of a boxing experience as you can get on mobile.

True Skate

Last on our list of the top sports games android 2016 is True Skate and this is a really great skateboarding game. Rather than controlling a player on a skateboard, you just control the skateboard and your fingers function as your legs. The controls are simple to learn and are quite open so you can do just about whatever you want. There is a lot of unlockable content and almost things you can unlock for free without in app purchases. If you are interested in skating, have it a go

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