Top style mobile game Temple Run on Android Best (P2)


Together we point the mobile titles style “endless” Temple Run Android that believers will not want to miss.

Boson X
Boson X is a new mobile game endless runner but with the point of climax twisting game has become an endless running game extremely unique navigation. Not only the features that you associate with a cult classic game called Another World, but the game also gives you the impression especially on the technical graphics segment. And the most remarkable thing is that the game runs beautifully timeless, distinctive and super speeds currently available to mobile users.
The objective of the game is quite simply running as long as possible. The problem that you face here is to run from plank to plank the other. Meanwhile, it appears as if it is not the only challenge for you because the reality is that running in front planks are placed inside the tubes. That means that players will have to turn 360 degrees during the run. This should be a challenging mobile game, right?

Canabalt is an endless running game unique and compelling since the original gameplay. The interface is colorful, the context does not elaborate, but make sure you will have to quit looking for the frenzied race and special effects in the game.
Canabalt is a 2D platform game attractive and interesting. In the game, you will have to rush to get rid of these buildings is fear of collapse at any time. Canabalt gameplay is simple but appealing to own one is not strange that there are always games.

Doodle Jump
Doodle Jump is a mobile game developed and published by Lima Sky. First released worldwide on iOS platform on April 6, 2009, this game is also being developed on other platforms such as Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia Symbian. This game is inspired by SunFlat PapiJump. Received much praise since its launch, Doodle Jump has sold a total of about 5 million copies worldwide on June 24, 2010.

Falling Fred
Falling Fred is a very addictive mobile game by playing smart, simple, and many elements of surprise. Character in the game is the guy Fred, unfortunately as he flung herself out of skyscrapers towering, your task is to control it so that Fred could “float” period longest and landed safely.
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Giant Boulder of Death
Also coming from [adult swim], Robot Unicorn Attack developers but Giant Boulder of Death playing style has completely different. You need to dodge rolls trap, and not bother anything in front as the game of the same genre, simply crush anything blocking your way, buildings, trees, people, animals do not have means nothing to a rock as a friend.

Looney Tunes Dash
Looney Tunes Dash – just hearing the name is probably many people already know this game’s childhood familiar with the early 8x or 9x is intense and how much do they? The characters in the game that no one unfamiliar, is the star of the cult film of Warner Brothers cartoons, including Bugs Bunny Bunny, Tweety Bird, Bird BB, wolves and cats Sylevester Coyote … sure, will make you pity recalling his childhood days.
From the positive feedback from the fans, the creators are aiming to bring players a qualified game developers constantly. This means that unlike the mobile gaming conventional endless running, the Looney Tunes levels in Dash will provide the goals to complete. Through the completion of the level, players can unlock new characters and iconic landscapes come from the classic animated film.
Players start by Bugs Bunny rabbits as they did in the legendary animated film, running from Elmer Fudd in an effort to overcome the obstacles on the way to his den on the bottom of the road where. After each level up, players will unlock many fun levels, such as Road Runner, Tweety Bird …, each level has its own settings, the obstacles and enemies everywhere on the road. Some levels may require players to complete side quests and collect carrots in large numbers.

One Epic Knight
One Epic Knight is a game-style “endless run”, just like famous names Temple Run, and add a bit of spice in it RPG. You will be the role of a lone knight roamed his way through the pitfalls and monsters in the dungeon. Starting the game, you stand in front of the entrance of a dungeon. A piece of paper is attached to the skin near the hatch tree acts as the game’s main menu. From here, you can see achievements, rankings and details of your data, as well as rare items, blood, upgrades and costumes.
To begin the adventure, you tap anywhere on the screen and the knight will come straight into the dungeon. Seems this guy likes to talk a lot, whenever and where, he transformed me or shout slogans enhance their fighting spirit.
In the course of play, you’ll see the coins acted as the main currency of the game, it helps you to buy items and costumes. There are many pitfalls to be randomly arranged along, cockeyed roots growing from the walls, barricades, and even species will also appear Orc attack you. Interactive elements of the game are pretty good and make a difference to the game the same category – you just run around and eat the coins.

Rail Rush
Rail Rush is an endless adventure game style is Temple Run app developed by Miniclip cult. Coming to this playground, players will have to try to score very high in every play and collect a lot of money to buy items in the game to help you achieve a higher score.
The task of the player is to collect precious stones, so be sure to collect as much gold and precious stones. Along the way, there will be unexpected happens along with special gifts if you’re lucky. Rock breaking eggs to discover something special inside and collect all the precious stones for personal collections around.
Looking for exciting new tracks and pass all levels to make more gold. The game includes 6 main environmental: Caves, waterfalls, spider’s nest, dead city, the castle and the level mushrooms with colorful background. Increased speed on rails quickly but also do not forget to tilt and shake to each side to avoid the obstacles. Players can also equip your trolley more powerful than deep mines, the opportunity to complete the task and on a higher level.
RunBot built as a cult endless running game – genre has been very successful in a variety of games like Subway Surfers predecessor, Temple Run, Despicable Me: Minion Rush … so there is no end game , the entire journey, players will have the task of controlling a robot on the path of those who want to escape from his control.
Along the way, use ingenuity and his agility to dodge obstacles while jogging and while hovering in mid-air. Besides, the upgraded and new tasks are factors that make the appeal and attraction when playing RunBot.
Run Like Hell
Run Like Hell is a running and jumping game with a frantic pace: climbing, jumping, crawling and collects information to escape floods barbarians are looking for you. The bar in the way when crossing the ancient ruins along the trails at night, sunset on the beach … you have to be very skillful to keep from falling. If you fall Aboriginal quickly catch you and you will become a tasty meal for them.
Ski Safari
Graphics of Ski Safari (SS) are plotted on a 2D platform but very bright. White landscape in the game with a lot of houses, rocks become sparkling but also huge obstacles for Yetis boy looking for escape routes.
In Ski Safari game character Yetis are asleep winter. Suddenly from nowhere a snowstorm swept to his house fly away. Yetis and character must be taken fast skis to escape from that ferocious snowstorm. In the game you have to try to control the character Yetis avoid platform to users, and the obstacles on the way.
Quite interesting is not only the form of run game that lets you perform some very complex skills such as acrobatic skiing, jumping very high. We really enjoyed the challenge backflip (roll back) every time the boy fly up Yetis.

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