Turkey Dragon Dragon Story: a joy for Thanksgiving Day


Turkey Dragon Dragon Story is a unique element to make Dragon Story even more interesting. If your Thanksgiving holiday is bored, then check this game out!

For those who unfamiliar with this app, Dragon Story is a game which players must breed and discover many dragon species on an island called the Dragon Islands, and place them on the habitats according to their types. Then the dragons must be fed with food from the farms. There are also some dragons that cannot be acquired through breeding and players have to get them in another method. Turkey Dragon Dragon Story is a limited edition dragon released for Thanksgiving event and it is considered as one of the best dragons available for players to breed.

This new Turkey Dragon Dragon Story is a triple element dragon that features special Turkey design in the game. Like all dragons in the game, even when it tends to represents a particular creature; it turns into a dragon in the end.

How to breed Turkey Dragon Dragon Story

It depends on your luck and love for the game as breeding one of these dragons won’t be easy. To breed this exclusive dragon for your game you have to use the main elements. The main elements to breeding this dragon is using triple elements. The “parents” recommended to breeding Turkey Dragon Dragon Story is using the Life Dragon and Air Dragon for a chance to get this dragon. The elements forest, air and fire which are also known as green, yellow and red.

It normally takes 9 hours to breed this dragon. This is the same time for hatching and evolving your dragons. You should know that it does not matter which option you select your dragon for breeding. The level of your dragon also does not have any impact on breeding process.

Turkey Dragon Dragon Story evolution

The Turkey Dragon Dragon Story will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you advance him to level 6, the evolution temple may be necessary so you can further evolve him for the other evolution. You will obtain his Adult form after level 6. When you feed your dragon from level 9 to level 10, he will transform into his final form which is named Epic. Each level requires a certain amount of food. Players must feed Dragons a total of 5 times per level in order to get a new one.

Turkey Dragon earnings per hour

Each dragon produces a certain amount of coins. The rates relate to the dragons’ rarity and way to obtain them. Turkey Dragon Dragon Story at level 1 will earn only 164 coins per hour. The amount of coins will increase when level is up. At level 10, the maximum level, a Turkey Dragon in Dragon Story may earn up to 770 coins per hour. The higher level you are, the more coins you earn.

With an updated gameplay and a new type of dragon, Turkey Dragon in Dragon Story is worth a try.

Download Dragon Story: Android

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